Angiography system
Angiography system
Model:Trinias C16 unity edition
Manufacturer:Shimadzu Corporation
Country of origin:Japan

Trinias C16 unity edition includes:

  • High voltage generator
  • C-arm
  • Ceiling type C-arm, (collimator, dosimeter, local console: collimator operation, direct memory, FOV, etc.)
  • Flat panel detector
  • Screen set for detectors
  • X-ray tube
  • Digital system (CD/DVD drive, keyboard, mouse, manual switch, information display)
  • Imaging Engine for Single Plane System
  • Image capture function
  • Cardiac analysis, distance measurement
  • Image storage and printing
  • Console with touch panel in the examination room
  • Patient table


Equipped with advanced features for motion tracking noise and object isolation based enhancement, SCORE PRO Advance Image Processing Unit has been designed to achieve lower exposure levels and higher image quality. Shimadzu's real-time imaging technology allows the isolation of small blood vessels such as peripheral vessels during interventional radiography (IVR) by enhancing only the target without compromising image quality or increasing radiation dose. In this way, Shimadzu supports advanced interventional procedures with even higher image quality.

Even lower radiation dose levels

The higher image quality offered by SCORE PRO Advance represents another step forward in the development of minimally invasive (low dose) procedures. By using the optimal combination of low dose mode and low pulse rate optimized for each exam, Trinias systems can be expected to reduce radiation levels by approximately 50% per exam while maintaining high image quality.


SCORE RSM is an extremely motion-resistant DSA technique achieved with Shimadzu's high-speed digital imaging technology. This application is particularly effective for vascular tracking in all lower extremities, for 3D imaging in combination with precession and pendulum modes, and for examining patients who find it difficult to maintain balance. Pendulum modes for examining patients who find it difficult to hold their breath.


Shimadzu SCORE Chase allows you to freely pan in the longitudinal or lateral direction while shooting to track blood flow in the blood vessels. After

SCORE Chase instantly creates an automatic position-corrected stitched image and displays it on the monitor so you can easily determine the total blood flow in the vessels of the lower extremities. Thus, the total blood flow through the blood vessels of the lower extremities can be easily determined.

Irradiation area display without fluoroscopy

In combination with the patient table position and FOV, it is possible to display the current treatment area in real time in the far image without fluoroscopy. It is useful for reducing radiation and smooth examination workflow.

ChaseMAP* creates a roadmap without reacquiring contrast phase

Since the far view image acquired with SCORE Chase is used as the contrast phase, only the MASK phase image needs to be acquired in

areas of no interest to create a roadmap. Using this function effectively results in a reduction in contrast agent and radiation dose.

Linking images to catheterization table

When used in conjunction with the SMART Table multifunctional catheterization table, the stitched images are anchored to the table position so that the SMART Table automatically repositions itself to match the area of interest while zooming or panning the image. Minimally invasive procedures on the lower extremities are supported by smoother and faster movement to the area of interest


Trinias includes a wide range of roadmap features that can be selected based on body area, procedure and technique in interventional procedures.

Since MAP image parameters are retained in images even after changing the angle of view, zooming in, or switching to front or side views, MAP functions can be used without repeated exposures for MAP purposes.

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