Close Focus Radiation Therapy VARIAN Bravos
Close Focus Radiation Therapy VARIAN Bravos
Model:Bravos ™
Manufacturer: VARIAN
Country of origin:USA

A brave new world in brachytherapy:

  1. Customizable pre-treatment checklist Increase confidence and accountability with a checklist workflow and e-signature.
  2. Efficient Quality Control with CamScale CamScale™ provides simple, fast and accurate position checks that are recorded and played back.
  3. Interoperability Integrated with BrachyVision, ARIA, Eclipse and most Varian applicators*
  4. Easy touch screen operation Increase efficiency with quick access to patient treatment information.
  5. Real-time Troubleshooting SmartConnect™ remote service monitoring enables fast recovery.
  6. Predictive maintenance Maximize uptime by staying ahead of maintenance needs

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