Manufacturer: ZOLL
Country of origin:Italy

Designed to military and civilian transport standards, the EMV+® Universal Portable Ventilator is ideal for air medical transport of infants (≥5 kg), pediatric patients and adults. Weighing only 9.7 pounds (4.4 kg), the EMV+ is lightweight yet durable and features an energy-efficient, high-capacity built-in compressor and oxygen system. An unparalleled 10-hour battery life and a multi-source power system allow you to work and quickly recharge from any ground vehicle or aircraft power source.

Automatic Altitude Compensation up to 25,000 feet ensures precise ventilation and patient safety, making the EMV+ the only ventilator that has been tested and approved for both military airworthiness and safe flight in Army, Air Force, and Navy tilt and stationary aircraft. The fully reflective LCD display and the ability to operate in silent and dark modes allow you to work in any light conditions.

Features and benefits of the EMV+ product

  • Certified to military airworthiness requirements (AWR)
  • AC mode; SIMV and CPAP (NPPV/PPV) modes with pressure support
  • Weighs only 9.7 lbs (4.4 kg), durable and suitable for all weather conditions
  • Battery life 10 hours; recharges in 2 hours up to 90%
  • Smart Help™ Technology to Eliminate Anxiety
  • Compressor driven - no oxygen required for operation
  • FiO2 21-100% - can be used with high and low flow oxygen - 1/3 less oxygen consumption compared to pneumatic devices

Medical Equipment Supplier

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