Mobile system MobileDaRt Evolution
Mobile system MobileDaRt Evolution
Manufacturer:Shimadzu Corporation
Country of origin:Japan

MobileDart Evolution

High Frequency High Voltage Inverter Generator

  • Main mobile trolley with telescopic tube support column
    • Optimization system with force support
    • Rotation of the manipulator
  • Battery
  • Manual leaf collimator
  • Indication of the calculated dose by area
  • Compartment for FPD
  • Manual exposure switch
  • Standard console function
  • Manual backlight switch
  • Mounting kit DAP
  • Canon Components
  • Charger
  • Multibox
  • Software
  • Detector
  • FPD with Csl scintillator

Wireless detector, incl. 2 batteries

The award-winning MobileDaRt Evolution system has been upgraded to the MX8 version, which features a foldable speaker to expand the possibilities of mobile solutions. The system provides users with comprehensive support based on Shimadzu's extensive technology and years of experience in mobile DR imaging.

Excellent forward visibility for peace of mind

The collapsible column has been designed to provide a virtually unobstructed wide field of view while in motion, making it ideal for daily hospital rounds. In addition, the compact size makes it easy to use the system in tight spaces.

Intuitive agility

Optimized power support system provides smooth control with a light touch. The low-profile and curved shape provides clear space behind the mobile cart for a more natural driving position.

Positioning, exposure from any direction

Simultaneously pressing the "All Free" button releases the electromagnetic locks of the telescopic boom and column, which allows for simple one-step positioning. Several "All-Free" buttons are located around the system, so the operator can access from any direction. In addition, an optional manual exposure switch can be installed on the front of the system, as well as a wireless manual switch.

Checking images on the spot on the large LCD monitor

The built-in 19" touchscreen display is great for quick image review and enhances user experience, while the flat screen design makes it easy to clean.

Tools to support radiation management

The system meets the modern needs of radiation management. The calculated dose area product (DAP) value is displayed before exposure, and the calculated DAP value is stored for management after exposure. If necessary, a camera can be installed to measure DAP.

Enhanced Security

The advanced FPD storage bin is equipped with a detector anti-theft lock function, which can increase the security level against FPD theft.

Medical Equipment Supplier

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