RADspeed Pro EDGE
RADspeed Pro EDGE
Model:Pro EDGE
Manufacturer:Shimadzu RADspeed
Country of origin:Japan

Main characteristics:

- Built-in high speed starter

-Photo timer controller

- Phototimer receiver, cable

- Accessory kit

-Communication unit

X-ray tube support for fixing to the floor

-Longitudinal movement

- Transverse movement

- Vertical travel of X-ray tube

- Rotation of the x-ray tube on the horizontal axis

- High tension cable


-Longitudinal sliding table top

- Cross sliding of a table-top

- Table top lift

-Photo timer pickup


The new RADspeed Pro EDGE offers high-performance digital projection radiography and supports useful imaging techniques such as tomosynthesis, automatic stitching, and dual energy subtraction, further expanding the range of radiology applications.

Tomosynthesis (digital multislice tomography) is a new digital imaging technology that combines cone beam CT reconstruction with digital imaging. This makes it easy to obtain scans of any cross section from volumetric data obtained from a single tomographic scan.

Auto Stitching - Speed Stitch function

The newly developed turntable allows imaging from a distance of 120 cm in the supine position, the longest available length of any manufacturer. The tripod allows you to acquire images of the entire spine and entire lower extremities up to 160 cm long. One of the key features of the entire RADspeed Pro series is the automatic linking of the settings made on the X-ray tube to the table or bucky stand, followed by automatic image stitching.

Double energy subtraction

Dual energy subtraction uses the difference in x-ray absorption levels between bone and soft tissue to create separate soft tissue and bone images in addition to projectional radiography images. This separation is achieved by successively applying high and low voltages and then using subsequent separate image processing. This makes it possible to visualize nodules hidden behind the ribs in the soft tissues of the chest or calcifications in bone structures, which is especially useful for diagnosing in the chest area, such as lung cancer.

Automatic positioning

The automatic positioning function is interlocked with APR (anatomical programs). This function moves the X-ray tube ceiling support to any desired position with the push of a button and can automatically set the angle of the X-ray tube. Easy tube positioning allows the operator to focus on patient care. Naturally, manual control is also possible, making precise positioning correction extremely easy.

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