Reliance Group LLC and OneTeam Medical OÜ

We are pleased to introduce you to OneTeam Medical OÜ, part of our large family - Reliance Group LLC. Our company occupies a leading position in the medical equipment market in Uzbekistan and offers a wide range of high-quality products from such well-known brands as Shimadzu, Zoll, Carestream and many others. Our history began in 2014, and in a short time we were able to establish ourselves as a reliable and responsible supplier of medical equipment. Over the eight years of our activity, we have delivered more than 800 units of medical equipment to various parts of Uzbekistan, maintaining the quality and availability of medical services to our clients. An important part of our history was the acquisition of OneTeam Medical OÜ in 2020. Since then, we have successfully completed several international projects, including supplies for JICA and service projects for UNDP and USAID. We are proud to support global healthcare and medical supply initiatives. Our obligations to customers include prompt and high-quality service, both during the warranty and post-warranty periods. We are always ready to help our clients throughout the Republic of Uzbekistan. Thank you for staying with us and following our news. We will continue to strengthen our partnerships and improve our services in the world of medical devices.

Sincerely, Team Reliance Group LLC and OneTeam Medical OÜ