Sterilwave 100
Sterilwave 100
Manufacturer:Bertin Technologies
Country of origin:France

Sterilwave 100 was approved by the French Ministry of Health in 2017 and meets the most stringent environmental and bacteriological waste reduction standards. It allows smaller facilities (eg laboratories, small clinics and hospitals) to safely process on site up to 200 liters of biomedical waste per hour (20 kg/h*).

Its innovative concept uses a hanging container and rotating blades to shred all kinds of waste, including metal objects. Biohazardous waste is sterilized using microwaves and converted into inert household waste, reducing its volume by more than 80% and its weight by 25%. Reduces environmental impact and operating costs while ensuring operator safety. Because the unit uses microwave technology, Sterilwave does not require a steam generator, so there is no risk of overpressure and no liquid effluents. Thanks to its ultra-compact dimensions, it requires only 10 m² of space to install. The Sterilwave 100 is a solution for ease of use and maintenance, with operating costs that are among the lowest on the market.

(* at a density of 0.1 kg/l)

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