Trinias unity smart system
Trinias unity smart system
Manufacturer:Shimadzu Corporation
Country of origin:Japan

Trinia unity smart edition:

  • High voltage generator (system display)
  • Ceiling type C-arm (collimator, dosimeter, local console: collimator operation, direct memory, FOV, etc.)
  • flat panel detector
  • Screen set for detectors
  • x-ray tube
  • Digital system, (CD/DVD drive, keyboard, mouse, manual switch, information display)
  • Imaging Engine for Single Plane Machine
  • Image capture function
  • Cardiac analysis, distance measurement
  • Image storage and printing
  • Console with touch panel in the examination room
  • Patient table
  • Using PCI rails
  • base plate
  • C-arm controller

One of: Collimator Console/Remote Console/Remote Console

operating room

High brightness color LCD monitor

Multifunctional stand

inspection room

LCD monitor color, high brightness

Monitor Hanger, Monitor Trolley

One monitor hanger from:

  • Monitor hanger, for 4 LCD monitors
  • Monitor hanger, for 6 LCD monitors
  • Monitor hanger, for 8 LCD monitors
  • Monitor trolley
  • Fixed rail for MTA
  • Antivirus software for 3 PCs


The SCORE 3D application allows you to automatically display rendered 3D images immediately after rotational angiography at a maximum speed of 60 degrees per second. Such a high rate of obtaining rotational imaging reduces contrast injection time, which reduces patient workload, reduces motion artifacts, and ensures high image quality. In addition, manageability is greatly improved with easy GUI customization via "Palette" (function grouping)


SCORE CT is an application for obtaining CT-like images of low-contrast areas, predominantly tumor, during interventions. The application has two modes, depending on the procedure and area of interest:

10 second mode (speed 20 degrees per second) and 20 second mode (speed 10 degrees per second). Axial, Coronal and Sagittal SCORE Navi/Navi+Plus images

SCORE Navi/Navi+Plus is an application that uses preoperative images for minimally invasive procedures.

Preliminary MSCT images synchronized with C-arm projections can be used as reference during procedures, reducing the amount of contrast agent and the dose of X-ray exposure. The alignment of MSCT images with the live fluoroscopic image is automatic. When superimposing MSCT images on fluoroscopy, you can adjust the levels of their overlap. The Navi+Plus app also has a virtual stent feature that allows you to simulate the size of the stent and its placement before performing the procedure.

SMART access

The single projection system is available with either ceiling (C16/C12) or floor (F12) mount C-arm. Both options are designed for a wide range of procedures. The system configuration can be easily changed according to the interventions performed and adapted for the installation of additional equipment

SMART Touch provides convenient control

The touch panel allows you to control all the operations displayed on the screen, including changing fluoroscopy/radiography programs during the procedure, switching between different functions, selecting images. Simple and intuitive interface supports the most complex procedures

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