Turnkey design of operating units
Turnkey design of operating units
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The contents of the surgical medical center have changed significantly over the past ten years and will continue to evolve over the next decade.

Key changes in the design of clinics with operating rooms

  • Development of special high-tech hybrid operating rooms, including intra-operative MRI rooms.
  • Voice control, increasing the use of minimally invasive surgical methods, including robotics.
  • The tightening of requirements for operating rooms to obtain a license from Rospotrebnadzor, which today has led to the fact that all operating rooms must be in a separate building, with the exception of only ophthalmic operating rooms and dental ones.
  • The emergence of new finishing materials in the public domain, such as antimicrobial and gypsum-metal panels.

Building a new operating room is a complex process that involves balancing the needs of the facility's staff with construction costs, and future health care trends must also be taken into account. In order for planning and construction to proceed smoothly, all components of the operating room must be carefully analyzed. Often this includes an assessment of current practice.

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